Rapid Bitcoin (BTC) price goes up and brings Coinbase Down

The crypto exchange, which is based in the USA and has been very popular to date, reports in a new blog post that a five-fold increase in traffic within four minutes caused a problem with the automatic scaling and the web servers could no longer keep up. This problem happened just when Bitcoin experienced a sudden price surge.


Services no longer followed

“The traffic spike affected a number of our internal services and increased latency between services.This resulted in process saturation of the web servers responsible for our API, where the number of incoming requests was greater than the number of listen processes, which resulted in the requests either being queued and timed out or failing immediately. Our request error rate rose to 50 percent, resulting in customers experiencing errors interacting with coinbase.com and our mobile apps. ”Due to the failure, Coinbase has redeployed its API (Application Programming Interface) in order to withstand the increased traffic. However, this deployment affected the rotation of previous deployments, causing another two-minute outage.As Coinbase reports, solutions are being worked on to minimize failures due to network congestion.“We are working to reduce the impact of price-related traffic spikes by pre-scaling and caching. In the long term, we plan to improve our deployment process to alleviate some of the problems with auto scaling. ”