Halving rate cycles indicate Bitcoin rate of $ 340,000

The highs and lows of previous Bitcoin halvings point to future prices between $ 250,000 – $ 1.6 million. Bitcoin (BTC) would have to climb to $ 340,000 to repeat the performance since the last halving. The crypto market researchers from ChartsBTC made the corresponding finding on August 20 on Twitter, adding that the leading crypto currency still has a lot of room for improvement at its current price of 11,700 US dollars.

Even an upturn of up to 1.6 million US dollars is conceivable?
When looking at the maximum highs of the development cycles of the past Bitcoin halvings, it becomes apparent on the logarithmic scale that the price jumped 36 times during the first cycle, while it jumped 17 times during the second cycle . In order to be as successful as in the last cycle, Bitcoin would now have to climb to at least 340,000 US dollars. If we take the price jump of the first cycle as a basis, then the market-leading cryptocurrency would have to improve from its record high of almost 20,000 US dollars to 720,000 US dollars. When comparing the price jumps from the maximum lows to the respective highs of a cycle, the results become even clearer. Even if Bitcoin “only” repeated the smaller price jump of the last halving, the price would rise 130 times and reach a value of almost 400,000 US dollars. Even if the price levels are compared during the halvings, the price target for Bitcoin is at least 250,000 US dollars for the current cycle.