Gold: Analyst raises forecast. But there is a catch:

The gold price continues on its zigzag course. After yesterday’s recovery, the gold price is coming under slight pressure again today. In return, however, silver can go up. The silver price was unable to benefit from the upward trend in gold yesterday. BMO Capital took the environment as an opportunity and raised its forecast for the gold price – albeit only slightly. The forecast is currently very conservative. And the analysts see more potential in silverBMO Capital expects the gold price to rise to an average of $ 1,660 in the second quarter, and should then rise to $ 1,700 by the fourth quarter. BMO anticipates an average gold price of $ 1,654 for the full year and an average gold price of $ 1,698 for the full year 2021.


Silver average price

For silver, BMO expects an average price of $ 15.50 in the second quarter. In the next two quarters, silver should then rise to $ 18.50 each. BMO anticipates $ 17.18 for the full year and $ 18.05 for the coming year.”We see gold as a natural beneficiary of even lower global interest rates, and its safe haven status should re-emerge in 2020,” said BMO governments are switching to budget spending on 5G and solar technology. ” Analysts pointed out that gold and silver prices recovered months after the global financial crisis in 2008 months before the global industrial economy.